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RA280 Integrated Amplifier

RA280 Integrated Amplifier

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“The HiFi Rose RA280 is a more streamlined version of its flagship sibling, the RA180, yet it retains the high performance and advanced technology that HiFi Rose is known for. With GaN FETs for superior sound quality and a simplified but elegant design, the RA280 is an outstanding choice for audiophiles looking for premium sound without unnecessary complexity.”

- What Hi-Fi

 RA280 At A Glance

  • Stereo integrated amp with balanced and phono inputs.
  • Advanced Class D amplification with GaN FETs for smooth, accurate sound.
  • 250 watts x 2 into 8 ohms; 250 watts x 2 into 4 ohms.
  • Treble and bass controls.
  • Tone control bypass switch.
  • Illuminated analog level meters (3-level dimmer for front-panel illumination).
  • Analog stereo RCA phono input for moving magnet cartridges.
  • 3 line-level analog stereo RCA inputs.
  • Mono RCA output for connecting a powered subwoofer.
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Product Description

The HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier exemplifies the seamless blend of advanced technology and elegant design, crafted to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the RA180, this new model integrates the revolutionary Advanced Class D amplification technology to offer both high efficiency and superior sound quality.


Innovative Advanced Class D Technology

HiFi Rose redefines digital amplification with the RA280’s Advanced Class D technology, featuring next-generation GaN (gallium nitride) FETs. This breakthrough innovation surpasses traditional Class D amplifiers, delivering sound quality comparable to analog while maintaining superior efficiency and power. The RA280 achieves near-perfect linear output with minimal distortion, ensuring smooth, natural sound reproduction. Covering a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 100 kHz, the RA280 faithfully renders every audio detail, creating a truly immersive and realistic listening experience.


Superior Mono Amplifier Design with Advanced Filtering

The RA280 stands out with its two completely separated mono amplifier modules, each delivering 250 W (4 Ω and 8 Ω) to the left and right channels, for a total of 500 W in stereo mode. HiFi Rose’s advanced two-stage analog filter technology ensures top-tier sound quality. The LC filter provides exceptional frequency response, with -1 dB attenuation up to 65 kHz and -3 dB up to 85 kHz, effectively reducing carrier noise from Class D amplifiers. This results in pristine, detailed sound, enhanced spatial resolution, and a natural analog feel.


Precision Phono Amplifier for Moving Magnet Cartridges

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with the RA280’s precision phono amplifier, designed for moving magnet cartridges. This high-performance amplifier, activated via a simple switch, amplifies delicate audio signals without distortion. HiFi Rose’s high-precision compensation circuitry delivers sound that is remarkably close to the original recording. This ensures rich, vivid detail and superior sound quality, providing an immersive and high-fidelity music playback experience that brings your records to life.


Cutting-Edge Power Supply for Unmatched Performance

HiFi Rose’s RA280 features a state-of-the-art power supply, utilizing silicon carbide FETs for superior efficiency and reduced heat compared to traditional silicon FETs. This innovative design ensures optimal power delivery and stability. The inclusion of a 2.5 power factor correction circuit and a high-capacity condenser maintains excellent performance even under rapid load changes, ensuring consistent and high-quality sound. The fourth-generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) FET technology enhances power output while minimizing heat, supporting deep bass and precise treble tones for powerful and accurate audio reproduction.


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Size:16.9” W x 13.98” D x 4.06” H
Weight:20.94 lbs
Body:Solid Aluminum, Rust-proof Steel
Amplifier Output 
4Ω:250W x 2ch (500W)
Sub Woofer Output 
Mono:1Wrms (2.218 dBu)
Balance Input:600mV (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Input Sensitivity 
Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input:600mV (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Phono(MM) Input:5mV (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Input Impedance 
Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input:47kΩ
Phono(MM) Input: 
20Hz ~ 20kHz:+0, 0dB (≈ 250W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
10Hz ~ 66kHz:+0, -1dB (≈ 250W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
10Hz ~ 85kHz:+0, -3dB (≈ 250W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
20Hz ~ 20kHz:+0, 0dB (≈ 1W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
10Hz ~ 66kHz:+0, -1dB (≈ 1W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
10Hz ~ 85kHz:+0, -3dB (≈ 1W x 2ch, 8Ω Speaker Output)
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 
Balance & Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input:0.007% (@125W) (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Damping Factor 
Speaker Output:>250 (≈ 250W x 2ch)
S/N (Signal to Noise Ratio) 
Balanced / Unbalanced / Phono(MM):109dB / 109dB / 85dB (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Output Impedance 
Speaker Output:30mΩ (≈ 250W x 2ch)
Tone Control 
Bass(100Hz) / Treble(10kHz):±15dB (≈ 1W x 2ch, Speaker Output)
Turnover:500Hz (+13dB@100Hz) (≈ RIAA)
Roll-off:2.1kHz (-13.74dB@10kHz) (≈ RIAA)
Output Power:500W (SMPS) (+ Maximum Output: 600W)
Input Voltage:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (Standby Mode Power Consumption < 0.5W)
Audio In/Out on Rear 
Trigger In:Voltage can be turned on 3.3V~ 12V
Trigger Out:Voltage can be turned on 12V
Remote Control 
IR Input:38kHz Infrared Ray (Within 10m of Operating Distance)


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