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  • The Best Apps Built In.

    HiFi Rose Streamers feature native support for RoseTube, Apple Music, Roon, Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, & Internet Radio.

  • Hi-Res Audio & Video.

    HiFi Rose offers not only the ultimate high end audio streaming experience but also 4K video streaming over HDMI.

  • Award Winning Design.

    Rose products continue to gain the attention of the audiophile community's most discerning reviewers.

The streaming experience you were always promised.

Rarely has a brand taken our industry by storm the way that HiFi Rose has. These music and video streaming DAC / preamps feature sound quality that competes with far more expensive models. 

Music you can touch.

Customers love Rose's ease of use, as the interactive, touch-screen front panel enables you to "swipe" directly to the function you want.  The handy RoseConnect app (for iOS and Android) also makes it easy for you (or your guests) to enjoy music and video content, as Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect and more are included.  You can even integrate your existing digital library, from locally stored NAS drive or SSD card / USB storage options.  HiFi Rose makes streaming music fun!